Maximise Your Marketing


Maximise Your Marketing

By Victorian Government


Maximise Your Marketing


Business Victoria, in collaboration with Monarch Institute are offering this online course to help you give your business a digital marketing face lift. ‘Maximising Your Marketing’ is about understanding what marketing is and what the key actions are that are required to be successful in marketing your business.

These learning modules are entirely online and comprise of slides, PDF’s and a workbook that you can study at your pace. Take notes, make lists, get your action plan written, and put your new skills to use straight away.

This course can be taken on its own or you can book to attend a live workshop or webinar to compliment your learnings.The length of learning modules are about 4-6 hours. This is dependent on your previous study experience, time availability, how fast you work and how committed you are.


This course covers:

What is marketing and why it is critical to successful business

Key elements of successful marketing

Gathering insightful market research and how it can be used for maximum advantage

How to effectively attract and engage your target market

How to maximise customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy

The role of social media and other key promotional tools





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