Innovation for when it's not BAU

Innovative tips for your business and ways to support our community 

Out of necessity, many local businesses are putting into practice innovative ways to continue to service their customers, even if they aren't comfortable visiting your place of business directly. Just some of those tips are below: 

  • Gift vouchers - If your customers aren't comfortable visiting you in person, gift vouchers are an incredible show of support for the future.
  • Reducing or removing your shipping costs - Offering your customers incentives to continue to use your services or purchase goods goes a long way to supporting their loyalty.
  • Promote takeaway - Encourage your customers to continue to shop with a quick and easy takeaway option, if you don't already offer it as a service. 
  • Offering curbside pick up - Growing in popularity, this innovative option offers your customers the comfort of being able to stay in their own vehicle with minimal contact with yourself or your staff. #drive-thru
  • Phone payments - Go vintage and allow your customers to pay for goods or services over the phone
  • Food delivery for residential and business - Some businesses who are newly offering delivery services are already seeing a boost in sales compared to pre-pandemic 
  • Virtual shopping / video walk throughs between store owners and customers - If your business relies heavily on browsing or on your customers seeing things with their own eyes before purchase, consider what some digital-savvy businesses are doing in utilising online platforms such as Facetime, Zoom or Skype to offer a virtual, but one-on-one walk-though over the phone / computer. 
  • Leave a review for your favourite business – If your customers aren't in a position to be able to spend, encourage them to leave your business a positive online review, so more people can experience your business.