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Professional Development

Our growing City is home to almost 400,000 people, many of whom are workers with skills and experience across basically every industry. Fortunately, our City is also home to an abundance of recognised training providers offering easy access to professional short and accredited courses to ensure both current and future workers can stay ahead of the game.

If you're an employer looking to get training for your staff, for recent graduates to fill upcoming vacancies or wanting to further your own study, consider one of these local institutions:

  • Federation University, Berwick Campus

    Easily accessible by both rail and road, Federation University's Berwick Campus is an architecturally designed, multi-level complex surrounded by spacious grounds with landscaped gardens and internal courtyards.

    Prospective students can access an abundance of courses, spanning schools of Arts, Business, Education, Engineering, IT and Physical Services, Health, Science, Psychology and Sport. Of particular interest to those returning to study is the Federation Business School, which includes their renowned MBA program.

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  • Chisholm Institute, Berwick Campus

    With an onsite beauty spa, a children’s services training centre and a computer, engineering and electronic centre, Chisholm Institute's Berwick campus caters to many different streams of education.

    The Berwick campus is also shared with Berwick TEC, a unique learning environment, designed exclusively for young adults under 20, who want to gain a qualification that will lead them to a job or further study, outside of the traditional secondary school setting. Berwick TEC offers young adults a way to complete Year 11 and Year 12 in VCAL in a TAFE learning environment and gain a full industry qualification at the same time.

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  • Registered Training Organisations

    Aside from larger training institutions, your business can easily access an abundance of smaller, specialised training organisations who are registered with the Australian Government in this local area.

    The Australian Government's MySkills website offers an easy way to find suitable courses, no matter your interest and experience level; you can search for courses at any one of our region's local training organisations using any number of their filters.

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  • Learn Local Organisations

    Across Casey's 14 neighbourhood houses and community learning centres, a diverse range of classes, activities and social groups meet regularly to learn, connect and grow within their own community.

    Whether you're after an accredited course, a pre-accreditation course or up-skill in a specialised area, you're likely to find an affordable and easy to enter course at a centre near you.

    Above other things, this connected community of Learn Local Organisations v1alue connected communities, safety and belonging and lifelong learning.

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