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Seeking new contracts by applying for tenders, from both public and private organisations, can be extremely valuable for any business. And these days, you can find open tenders in categories ranging from paper materials and products to construction, and from fire and safety to professional development.

We've gathered some information about where to look and how to apply below. 


Finding government tenders

Governments regularly call for public tenders for a wide range of goods, works and services to effectively serve the diverse needs of their communities. 

If you want your business to be a part of the growth, stay up to date with tenders as they open and streamline the application process by registering to receive updates with one or more of the following government tender portals: 

A quick search on any local government in Australia should return results of their own tendering portal, and we encourage you to register to receive updates from as many as possible as not all tenders require the tendering business to be physically located nearby to undertake the associated works. 

Additionally, you may wish to register with the other portals, such as the Industry Capability Network Gateway, a comprehensive online system with around $319 billion worth of projects and more than 70,000 suppliers listed. 


Help with your tender application

Applying for a government tender for the first (second, or third) time can be daunting, but there is plenty of valuable information available online to assist you each step of the way. 

The Victorian Government have compiled a broad grouping of information to assist, including the following topics: