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As the world accelerates, the City of Casey is striving to become a Smart City, integrating new technology and leveraging the Internet Of Things. Casey is doing this by using smart technology including sensors, artificial intelligence (AI) and tracking devices that improve efficiency, enhance sustainability and increase the liveability of our region. Simply put, we plan to be well-positioned to serve the changing needs of our businesses and residents into the future.

Sensing our City is Casey’s online dashboard which provides real-time data showing the number of pedestrians at Casey’s key activity centres in Berwick Village, Narre Village and Cranbourne’s High Street. This smart city technology provides benefits to the community and local businesses, while also helping to manage COVIDsafe restrictions and social distancing.


How can I use the dashboards?

Whether you’re a business wanting to plan efficient staffing rosters and predict the likely times for busy foot traffic in the coming week, or a resident wanting to find out the quietest time to visit the shops, using the Sensing our City dashboards is similar to checking the weather forecast. It provides useful information to enable the community and businesses to make informed decisions. At a glance, you are able to view a wide range of data, including the busiest day of the week and even the busiest time of the day. for many specific locations in three of Casey’s busiest retail and activity precincts - Cranbourne High Street, Berwick Village and Narre Village.


What type of sensors are being used to count people?

InfraRed beam people-tracking devices and mobile phone people-counting sensors (beacons). These sensors do not capture, store or share any Personally Identifiable Information (PII), such as personal data, images. Sensors are only able to detect and count the number of pedestrians in a particular area. For questions about the project, please contact us on (03) 9705 5200 or email: