Casey Businesses Invited to Connect with Local Students

Casey Businesses invited to host local work placement students

It goes without saying that we have all been impacted by the global pandemic in some way. While no one can overlook the effect it has had on businesses in the region, South East Local Learning & Employment Network (SELLEN) focus on finding opportunities for young people to succeed in education and gain meaningful employment. Students have not been able to access the usual opportunities to connect with employers, so local businesses are invited to .


It doesn’t matter what industry you represent, there is a student that will be looking for practical experience with you.


Inviting a student into your workplace can benefit your business by:

  • Helps your company build local links
  • Showcases the roles in your industry
  • Supports leadership in your team by offering a supervisory role
  • Enhances the reputation of your business
  • Helping to find your next employee or apprentice 


How can your business participate? You can choose one of the following options:

  • Host a student for one day a week (over 10-20 weeks)
  • Host a student for a one week block
  • Showcase your workplace for offering students a tour of the facilities
  • Provide used laptops to be repurposed and donated to students in need.


To learn more, contact Lesley at SELLEN via or call 9794 6921 or 0425764688