Berwick Physiotherapy has celebrated significant milestones over the past two years, unlike some might expect. 

The veteran allied health business celebrated its 40th anniversary and saw its growth continue despite COVID-19.

"That is not to say the year was without its challenges,” said Adam Joyce, practitioner, and partner at Berwick Physiotherapy.

To continue its operations, Berwick Physiotherapy quickly moved to telehealth services. This pivotal decision allowed them to stay open throughout Melbourne's lockdowns. 

Unsurprisingly, Berwick Physiotherapy saw countless patients with new injuries and complaints as working from home and taking up new forms of exercise took off.

"We saw our place not only to help people in our community continue their work but also take on new leisure activities safely," said Mr Joyce. 

During this time, they drew on their years of industry experience and identified an opportunity to establish a graduate training program aimed squarely at local physiotherapy students. 

The students were a priority when Berwick Physiotherapy was hiring. 

The practices' ability to recalibrate their business catapulted them to be a finalist in the Business Leadership category of the 2021 Casey Business Awards.

Mr Joyce attributed Berwick Physiotherapy's durability, commitment to the community, and mission to provide its patients with high-quality health care services has been the secret to its success. 

"One of our strengths is our ability to adapt and change with the community needs, which anchored our ability to deliver first-class healthcare to everyone in Casey despite the challenges.”

 With this dynamic spirit and commitment to delivering quality community service, Berwick Physiotherapy opened a new site in Clyde North to take advantage of client growth across Casey. 

To learn more about Berwick Physiotherapy's services, visit their website here.