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Melbourne Muscle Medics


The Business

Melbourne Muscle Medics is a health and wellness centre that offers a range of massage and allied health services to help people in pain and improve their quality of life. Founded by Jasmine Barnard, a former personal trainer who is now the lead myotherapist and lead remedial massage therapist at the centre, the business has grown from a home-based operation to a large commercial space with 11 treatment rooms and a recovery room.

“I thrive under pressure and I always strive for more. My goal for the past few years has been to create a space where people in pain can come to get help from a range of different allied health professionals - a one-stop shop,” Jasmine says.

The Challenges

Jasmine knows from experience that running a health and wellness business is not a walk in the park. There were many challenges along the journey, both personal and professional. They had to deal with the uncertainty and frustration of multiple lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced them to close their doors for several months and switch to online services.

Jasmine also had to cope with the stress and doubt that often plague business owners, especially when they make big decisions or face setbacks. “I'm sure every business owner has these thoughts at one point, and I've found it's important to consider what type of people you surround yourself with. Are they going to encourage you and build you up, or just tell you to quit and give up? Are they going to support your business and dreams, or stomp all over them?”

The Casey Effect

Jasmine did not let these challenges stop them from pursuing their vision for the business but leaned on the support of business networking groups in Casey to bounce back.

Though we were frustrated with the impact of COVID on our businesses, I was very grateful for the grants and the support of our wonderful clientele who helped keep our business afloat by attending our online services.

“Being part of a business networking group was a big help in motivating me to make efforts to bounce back and build my resilience. Surrounding myself with like-minded business owners who have similar goals and aspirations inspired and motivate me to keep going.”  

In giving back to the community, Melbourne Muscle Medics sponsors local sporting teams, including Endurers Badminton Club in Clyde and Tiger Sharks Footy Team in Frankston.

We also regularly participate in local events, such as gym open days, carnivals, staff appreciation days, daycare fundraisers and more, offering express seated massage treatments, Jasmine said.