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 Sustainable energy solutions are the way of the future. As well as a way of life for POWERPLANT. A multi-award-winning electrical engineering infrastructure company based in Hallam since 1999. 

The Business

As industry experts in electrical infrastructure, POWERPLANT is the linchpin between the infrastructure that lights our streets and the electrical connections to residential, commercial, and industrial developments. This includes the relocation of electricity assets clear of major road and rail projects.

Its company values: people, performance, and pride have shaped its development from a small start-up to a national business. Now they employ over 90 staff solving industry problems with intelligent infrastructure solutions.

The Challenges

The Pandemic saw POWERPLANT embrace and live its values, more than ever. Values that guided their ability to mobilise operations to meet the huge demand for community and infrastructure upgrade projects.

Founder Greg Plant explains that innovation is a core focus of POWERPLANT’s approach.

“There is a real opportunity to do positive things for the environment with intelligent infrastructure solutions by showing people how they can be part of the power industry with sustainable solutions,” said Greg.

Other than innovation, POWERPLANT is well known for its industry excellence through winning multiple Casey Business Awards.

  • In 2016, they won the Casey Business Awards ‘Trades and Construction' category
  • In 2017, they won the Casey Business of the Year Award
  • Then, in 2021, they won the 'Resilience' category.

From the get-go, their philosophy was to always Do a Job and Do it Properly.’

Casey Business Awards

After success at the Casey Business Awards in 2017, they elevated their aspirations; to Build a Better Industry.

Off the back of another Casey Business Awards win in 2021, this time as the winner of the Resilience Category, they reset their vision to Empower Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions for a Sustainable Energy Future.’

This time their aspirational goals became: to help customers manage demand, reduce bills, and play a vital role in environmental sustainability with every electrical connection.

Casey was where it all began for POWERPLANTThe company has now opened offices in Western Melbourne and Sydney. Greg said POWERPLANT’s connection, other than electrical, still runs deep in Casey’s community. “Casey is my hometown and the land of opportunity. The community is enthusiastic and optimistic. The people are here; the opportunity is here,” said Greg.To learn more about POWERPLANT and its services visit its website.

The Casey Effect

Greg said, over the years, the awards helped POWERPLANT change for the better. His advice to anyone thinking of applying this year is clear.

“Apply, apply, apply. You will learn things about your business that you won’t expect, and your business will be better for it. Every award has allowed us to take a step back, review and reset our business goals and objectives.”