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Blairlogie, Living & Learning Inc

Blairelogie backyard

 Blairlogie Living & Learning Inc. is committed to providing support and services to people with disability that enables them to achieve their goals and pursue their interests.

The Business

Blairlogie Living & Learning Inc is a purpose-led not-for-profit helping people with disability realise their learning, growth, and community participation potential.

They emerged out of an alliance of parents formed in 1987. A community of thinkers that wanted their children to be part of a facility offering access to learning, growth, and daily exercise.

There is something incredible about Blairlogie’s head office in Cranbourne South. The atmosphere has a fragrance of vitality, well-being, and kindness.

It is in the warm welcome you get on arrival. And is all over the sparkling sea of staff and clients’ smiling faces, stretching over five acres of bushland on which they are located. Carolyn Carr, CEO of ten years at Blairlogie, describes their foundational philosophy as built on a community-oriented approach. A way of life etched in their DNA.

“It is about starting a conversation with YES.

“We provide people with support to live their best life and do what they choose to do. And recognise that supporting people with disability also supports parents, families, and carers,” said Carolyn. A philosophy that lies at the heart of their increasing success.  

The Challenges

Carolyn believes Blairlogie’s socially conscious leadership is key to their ongoing success. And indeed, over the last two years. Even a pandemic could not stop Blairlogie in their tracks or the momentum of their passion. “Everyone at Blairlogie, from the Board, volunteers, and employees, were equally committed to maintaining our steady ongoing growth. COVID or no COVID,” she said.

Casey Business Awards 

Winning the Casey Business Awards Business Leadership category award in 2021 was transformative for them.

Carolyn said the awards were an uplifting experience that exposed them to new and beneficial community partnerships; forever changing how they do business.

Charting a new course to help them continue to grow their ambitious commitment to expand.

"The benefits of winning the awards were many. Ranging from public endorsement and recognition of our collective achievements. To the creation of new beneficial community and commercial connections.

"It changed how we do business in 2022, by moving us to action with a new sense of confidence. Because if you announce to the public domain you are a leader in your field, you need to show them why.

"Together with giving everyone a lift to say that you are doing something spectacular. Along with a renewed sense of pride and confidence,” said Carolyn.

The Casey Effect

Since winning the award, Blairlogie’s services and client base have grown at a rapid rate. Helping them realise their long-awaited head office building renovations.

Carolyn’s advice to any businesses thinking about applying this year is, “Do it - the benefits are undeniable,” she said. For more information about Blairlogie and the opportunities they offer, visit their website.