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Waverley Social Enterprises

The Business

Waverley Social Enterprises is a socially conscious Australian business that provides employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Started in 1984, the organisation has grown significantly over the years and now employs more than 330 adults with disabilities and over 60 full-time and casual staff across two sites in Notting Hill and Hallam.

The Challenges

The biggest challenge faced by Waverley Social Enterprises is the stigma around disability that still persists in the workplace. Many employers are hesitant to hire people with disabilities owing to misconceptions about their abilities and concerns about accommodating their needs. Waverley Social Enterprises is committed to breaking down these barriers and showing that people with disabilities can be valuable and productive members of the workforce.

The Casey Effect

Waverley Social Enterprises has had a significant impact on the local community through its commitment to providing inclusive and supportive employment opportunities. By employing people with disabilities in the region, the organisation is promoting social inclusion, independence, and community participation. This has had a positive impact not only on the workers but also on their families and carers.

Moreover, the organisation's mission to establish productive and significant partnerships with entities and individuals who share their drive towards social responsibility and positive social impact is worthy of recognition. Waverley Social Enterprise is a firm believer in the concept that businesses should have a more comprehensive role in contributing to society beyond profit.

“ We are committed to forging productive and meaningful partnerships with organisations and individuals that have social objectives, a corporate social responsibility or a commitment to delivering positive social impact and improving society in addition to their usual business activities,” said Mauro Bolin, Partnership Development Officer of Waverley Social Enterprises.”  

The organisation has a proven track record of delivering social impact programs and initiatives that align with business objectives while promoting inclusivity and equality, meeting diversity and inclusion objectives, making the organisation an employer of choice and attracting a more diverse talent pool to the workforce.