Casey Business Awards 2023

The Casey Business Awards are back, showcasing what enterprising companies who call Casey home have to offer.

Council’s annual business awards are a premier event to celebrate and recognise inspirational local businesses. They also provide local businesses with an opportunity to pause and reflect on recent achievements and success in their business. The awards are open to all businesses located in the City of Casey municipality.

The theme for this year’s Casey Business Awards is ‘Innovation and Resilience’. A celebration of businesses that have pivoted, adapted and created new opportunities to overcome challenging business environments and flourish in any situation.

Through this theme, the Casey Business Awards will showcase the innovative spirit and resilience of the local business community and highlight the importance of these qualities in building a sustainable and thriving business ecosystem.

The 2023 awards will shine a light on the efforts of our local businesses, both large and small, in six categories.

The Casey Business Awards 2023 are now CLOSED. Meet the finalists below. Category winners and the City of Casey Business of the Year 2023 will be announced on 5 October 2023




2023 Award Categories

Entrants may apply for one category, listed below. Apart from category winners, the judges will also choose the Casey Business of the Year 2023. To apply, click the "Apply Now" button and you will be directed to the application page.

Customer Experience

Love your customers? Whether you are a large or small businesses tell us how you provide an exceptional or unique customer and visitor experience. It is for businesses that directly service a consumer, either through a visitor experience, such as tour operators, as well as those that operate in the Retail, Hospitality, community services and broader tourism sectors.

You place a high focus on your business presentation, delivering a high quality customer experience.

To demonstrate your customer service excellence, the judging panel will assess:

  • How you engage with your customers
  • Your customer service policy
  • Your business has an information gathering system in place to learn about their customers
Applications are now closed. Winners announced on 5 October

Health and Wellbeing

The main focus of your business is your customers. This includes allied health and businesses that prioritise the need to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of their clients. You demonstrate a commitment to connections within the community. You have a holistic approach with how you assist your clients and provide more opportunities for people with disabilities and mental wellbeing.

To demonstrate your commitment to the health and wellbeing of your community, the judging panel will assess:

  • How you excel in health excellence
  • How you demonstrate the importance of connections within your community
  • How you provide a holistic approach to your clients
Applications are now closed. Winners announced on 5 October

Professional Business Services

Excelling in Business to Business services, you have a focus on customised, knowledge based solutions for your clients. With an established business and customer base, the solutions you provide make you stand out as a business.

To demonstrate how your business excels in Business to Business services the judging panel will assess:

  • You can provide information that differentiates your business from your competitors
  • Your business has a good understanding of their market and the clients' needs
  • You ensure to keep up to date with regards to market and industry trends and any changes that are taking place
  • Your business has a customer retention process and demonstrates how they have implemented that process
Applications are now closed. Winners announced on 5 October

Environmental Sustainability

Is sustainability a focus of your business? Do you embrace the Circular Economy? This category allows you to demonstrate your dedication to sustainable business practices, whether that be reducing waste, being energy efficient, sourcing local products or decreasing your carbon emissions footprint. Don't miss the opportunity to be recognised for your commitment to Sustainability.

To demonstrate how your business incorporates circular economy processes within your operations and sustainability practices, the judging panel will assess:

  • Strategies and practices showing how your business has embraced on becoming more sustainable
  • How your business operates within circular economy
  • Examples of day-today practices that reduce the impact on the environment
  • How your staff practice sustainability within the workplace through training, actions and policies implemented by the business
Applications are now closed. Winners announced on 5 October 

New Business

Started your business within the last one to three years? Your product or service is unique and offers a point of difference. You offer an innovative approach to running your business, in how you supply your products and the services you provide. If you are new, a trend setter or have a different approach, then this category is for you.

To demonstrate how your new business has moved from an idea into the business it is today, the judging panel will assess:

  • The growth of your business from business plan to current day
  • Any business across any sector that has commenced operation between 30 June 2020 - 1 July 2023 is eligible
  • The income performance of your business, including the number of customers
Applications are now closed. Winners announced on 5 October  

Small Business

You are defined as 'small' but you are mighty!

Your business has up to five employees and includes home - based businesses, sole traders and mobile operators. You are able to provide a service to your clients and customers that is personalized and meets their needs. You are agile and able to quickly modify your operations to meet the challenges that come your way.

To demonstrate your unique small business, the judging panel will assess:

  • Your business has 1 - 5 employees, including the owner
  • How your service / or product caters to the needs of your customers
  • How your business plays an active role in promoting and improving businesses within the city
  • Puts the interests of others above that of their own
Applications are now closed. Winners announced on 5 October 

Key Dates


Eligibility Criteria

  • The Casey Business Awards 2023 are free to enter
  • Business primary address must be located in the City of Casey municipality
  • Applicants must have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and hold relevant licenses, permits and approvals to operate the business before 1 June 2022
  • A Business must have been operating for a minimum of 12 months from the 1 June 2022
  • A Business must not be in breach of any state/territory or local government law or regulation
  • A Business can only submit one application


Category winners will receive cash prizes of $1,000, and Casey Business of the Year 2023 will receive $2,000.

Judging Process

One of the Casey Business Awards' strengths is the comprehensive judging process, which is fair and transparent.

The judging process relies on the generosity of an independant judging panel who are experienced and respected in their fields, representing a variety of industry sectors.

Entries are judged based on the information provided in the completed application form and comprehensive responses to all application questions.

Judges will assess applications against pre-established criteria for each question and utilise a numerical grading system.

Time spent reflecting on achievements, goals, and your strategic business plan will assist in the preparation of your entry and provide you with the best opportunity to submit a competitive application.

We welcome and thank the following members of the Casey Business Awards 2023 Judging Panel:


Becoming a sponsor of these awards puts you in the position to help your local business community, while boosting your brand and expanding your network.

We could not deliver these awards without the generous contribution of our sponsors. We welcome and thank our Casey Business Awards Sponsors for 2023:

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Category Sponsors:

Maybloom - Customer Experience Category

Bendigo Bank - Environmental Sustainability Category 

Blairlogie Living & Learning - Health and Wellbeing Category

HRCheck Australia - New Business Category

Waterman - Professional Business Services Category

Enigmaclean - Small Business Category

Application Process

The application form is now LIVE.

Not sure on how to submit a standout application? Click here to check out our top 10 tips. 


Applications are now closed. Winners announced on 5 October