Casey Business Awards 2023 Winners Announced!


Celebrating excellence and innovation: Casey Business Awards 2023 winners announced!

Let's take a moment to applaud our winners:

  • City of Casey Business of the Year 2023: Recovery In Mind Occupational Therapy
  • Commendation Recognition: Thirty-eight O Six Brewing
  • Customer Experience Winner: Atura Dandenong
  • Environmental Sustainability Winner: Ecotrans
  • Health and Wellbeing Winner: Recovery In Mind Occupational Therapy
  • New Business Winner: Thirty-eight O Six Brewing
  • Professional Business Services Winner: CFM Air Conditioning
  • Small Business Winner: Elemental Electronics

Each of these businesses received a cash prize of $1,000 for their win while the City of Casey Business of the Year also received an additional $2,000 in recognition of their outstanding achievements.

Congratulations also to all of our Casey Business Awards 2023 finalists.
Read all about the category finalists here.



Casey Business of the Year and Health and Wellbeing Category Winner:
Recovery In Mind Occupational Therapy 

The Narre Warren-based business is a holistic occupational therapy service dedicated to empowering adults living with mental illness. Judges recognised founder Bianca Parsons' journey from a sole trader to employing five staff in just four years as truly commendable.

What sets this business apart is its commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and collaboration. Initiatives such as a sensory room, graduate program, collaborations with community centers, prioritiaation of local suppliers, and plans for a community garden perfectly exemplify the spirit of local business in the City of Casey. 

Recovery In Mind Occupational Therapy also took home the Health and Wellbeing Award this year.

Find out more about Recovery In Mind Occupational Therapy on our Meet the Finalists page or at the Recovery In Mind website

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Commendation Award and New Business Category Winner:
Thirty-eight O Six Brewing 

In recognition of the exceptional calibre of finalists this year, the judges of the Casey Business Awards 2023 awarded a commendation for the first time. Thirty-eight O Six Brewing was recognised as an exciting new business with solid growth plans. With collaboration as the cornerstone of their business model, the Berwick brewery actively seek partnerships with neighbouring venues and integrates locally sourced ingredients in their brews and culinary creations. Thirty-eight 0 Six Brewing also took home the New Business Award for offering a unique service and for being a trendsetter in the industry. 

Recognised by the judges as an exciting and environmentally conscious business, they continue to explore new ways to enhance their services and reduce their environmental impact. With a strong commitment to the Casey community, Thirty-eight 0 Six Brewing is a local gem that adds flavour and vibrancy to the region.

Find out more about Thirty-eight O Six Brewing on our Meet the Finalists page or at the 3806 website

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Customer Experience Category Winner:
Atura Dandenong

Atura Dandenong, a dynamic player in Casey's hospitality industry since 2015, clinched the Customer Experience award for placing guest experience at the heart of everything they do. Demonstrating exceptional growth and adaptability, Atura continually reinvent their business to meet changing market needs. Their commitment to providing a welcoming experience for all guests is truly commendable.  

The judges of the Casey Business Awards were impressed by Atura Dandenong's unwavering commitment to guest experience. They highlighted the hotel's exceptional growth, particularly in overcoming recent challenges. Atura's ability to adapt and respond to change was deemed highly impressive, a testament to their resilience. Above all, the judges praised their dedication to placing guest experience at the heart of their operations and continually reimagining their business to meet the dynamic demands of the market.

Find out more about Atura Dandenong on our Meet the Finalists page or visit their website.

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Environmental Sustainability Category Winner:

Ecotrans, a top construction waste and site cleaning company, earned the Environmental Sustainability Award for their unwavering commitment to environmental excellence. Their agile management team has set a benchmark for self-driven excellence in the industry. Providing an end-to-end service, Ecotrans specialises in all aspects of construction waste recycling.

The judges of the Casey Business Awards commended the agility of Ecotrans’ management team. They highlighted the business’ substantial contributions to environmental sustainability, recognising it as an impressive business that has achieved excellence in its field. Ecotrans' commitment to environmental sustainability is a shining example for all businesses.

Find out more about Ecotrans on our Meet the Finalists page or visit their website Ecotrans

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Professional Business Services Category Winner:
CFM Air Conditioning

CFM Air Conditioning boasts over two decades of expertise in HVAC Air Conditioning services, installation, and maintenance. Founded in 1997, their commitment to industry excellence is unwavering, reflecting in their robust business model.

Beyond their technical prowess, CFM is deeply committed to the local economy. They actively source from Casey suppliers and foster community collaboration, strengthening their bond with the region. The judges noted CFM's sound business model and dedication to improvement, with ISO accreditations in safety, quality, and environment underscoring their commitment to service excellence. 

CFM's commitment to diversity, with both female apprentices and male customer service representatives, highlights their inclusivity and respect for varied backgrounds and experiences. CFM Air Conditioning is not just a service provider but a cornerstone of quality and community engagement in Casey.

Find out more about CFM Air Conditioning on our Meet the Finalists page or visit their website

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Small Business Category Winner:
Elemental Electronics 

Elemental Electronics is a dynamic force in cutting-edge electronic design solutions and manufacturing services in Casey, catering to a wide array of industries. The business stands apart through its client-centric approach, ensuring a consistent and reliable service, be it for individual entrepreneurs or large corporations.

As a forward-thinking enterprise, Elemental Electronics actively seeks diverse talents within Casey and extends opportunities through internship programs for aspiring professionals. Their journey, marked by a strong commitment to excellence and community engagement, takes innovation and collaboration to new heights. The judges acknowledged the business’ solid and innovative business model, and impressive service to their clientele, recognising their position as industry leaders. 

Elemental Electronics is not just a small business but a powerhouse of innovation, forging new pathways in the electronic solutions landscape. 

Find out more about Elemental Electronics on our Meet the Finalists page or at the Elemental Electronics website

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Big congratulations to all the winners. These businesses not only contribute significantly to the local economy but also serve as shining examples of what can be achieved through innovation, resilience and unwavering commitment to the community. Your success inspires us all!