Business Groups in Casey thriving and growing

Casey’s three major business groups have had a busy year. The Narre Warren-Berwick Business Group, Cranbourne Chamber of Commerce, and the Hallam Business Network have been buzzing with activity and collaboration.


Narre Warren-Berwick Business Group

Launched in March this year, this group is a powerhouse formed by combining three local business groups – the Narre Warren Business Group, Berwick Business Group, and the Berwick Beaconsfield Chamber of Commerce.

With a robust membership of 80 and nine successful events this year, it's a vibrant hub for local businesses. Check out their activity on their Facebook page.

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The Narre Warren-Berwick Business Group is a vibrant hub for local businesses. 



Cranbourne Chamber of Commerce

This year the Cranbourne Chamber of Commerce has had a refresh, with a new president and committee. Hosting six diverse events throughout the year, covering topics from cybersecurity to Cranbourne's revitalisation project, the group has 40 dedicated members.

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The Cranbourne Chamber of Commerce has held six events for its members in 2023. 



Hallam Business Network

The newly formed Hallam Business Network has 49 members and a dedicated executive committee of six. The objective of the network is to get to know local businesses, offer members benefits for joining the network, and expanding its membership base. In 2023, the network conducted nine meetings to discuss projects and collaborations, launched a newsletter for members, and organised their first networking event in November.

If you’re a Hallam business, you’re welcome to this vibrant community and contribute to its ongoing success by completing this form.

These business groups receive ongoing support from the City of Casey's Economic Development Team. Council actively promotes their events, attends functions, and offers insightful presentations on relevant topics.

Together, these groups are fostering a thriving and connected business community in Casey.




Members of the Hallam Business Network came together for their first networking event in November.