In The Game

In The Game: transforming workplace culture through innovative engagement

In The Game is a dynamic consultancy that seeks to revolutionise employee engagement and work culture within organisations. Founded in 2018, they employ a unique culture-building platform featuring business-focused games. Their services extend beyond this core offering to encompass workshop facilitation, organisational design, and learning solutions. Catering primarily to mid-sized, growth-focused organisations, they operate both nationally and internationally, with a strong presence in Melbourne and Sydney.

By seamlessly integrating the objective and key results (OKR) framework, In The Game envisions workplaces that are defined by innovation, growth, and impact. Their annual and monthly OKRs ensure scalability, further enhanced by a groundbreaking software platform. This innovation has propelled them to global prominence, boasting customers from diverse countries like Canada, Croatia, and the UAE.

The founders, Bridget and Viren, champion inclusivity, advocating for cognitive diversity within organisations.

As dedicated members of the Casey business community, In The Game actively engages in local networking events and mentoring programs. Their philosophy revolves around accessibility and self-sufficiency, fostering cultural change for businesses of all sizes. The City of Casey has played a pivotal role in their journey, enabling mutual support and opportunities for giving back.

In the Game is a 2023 Casey Business Awards finalist in the Professional Business Services category.