L'ada Soaps and Scents.

L'ada Soaps and Scents: crafting resilience and community with handmade soaps

L’ada Soaps and Scents, founded in 2019, is a home-based sole trader business that makes handmade body soaps, shampoo and conditioner bars, washing powder, laundry soap, and skincare serum. Their delicate fusion of artistry and science caters to a diverse clientele.

Despite facing a significant challenge in December 2022 when the owner was diagnosed with significant health issues, the business remained resilient. Immediate surgery prompted proactive measures, including crafting a substantial soap supply in advance to ensure seamless continuity during the owner's ten-week recovery period. This experience spurred personal and professional growth, resulting in a 30% production expansion through optimised schedules and improved techniques.

L’ada Soaps and Scents actively champions diversity and inclusion within the local community through workshops and participation in events, fostering engagement and trust. Gathering feedback through various channels, they create an environment where all customers feel valued and welcomed.

Committed to supporting the local community, the business collaborates with stores in Casey. Their involvement in the City of Casey Green Living program garnered recognition in local media, extending their reach. By donating products to community events and sourcing local suppliers, they show their dedication to a thriving local economy.

The business stands as a beacon of resilience, innovation, and community building in Casey. Their commitment to quality, diversity, and sustainable growth inspires within the local business landscape.

L'ada Soaps and Scents is a 2023 Casey Business Awards finalist in the Small Business category.