Strategic Sectors Roundtable Report


This report provides an overview of the economic landscape in the City of Casey based on the Economic Development Strategy 2021-25. The strategy identifies "Strategic Sectors" as the existing four strongest sectors in Casey in terms of job numbers and output. However, these sectors are predominantly strong because they serve the local population. As the population growth stabilises, there is a risk that these sectors might face challenges in innovation and adaptability. Hence, the purpose of this report is to explore strategies to help these sectors pivot and sustain growth beyond the current population dynamics.

To gather community insight, roundtable sessions were conducted, involving representatives from academia, government, industry bodies, businesses, thought leaders, and start-ups. Anticipated changes in population growth, skills shortages, infrastructure gaps, governance fragmentation, and technological advancements require adaptive strategies. The region faces challenges in aligning skilled residents with the local economy and addressing infrastructure needs.

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