Why Invest?

Do you have a good news story?




Resident businesses of the Casey Cardinia region are spoilt for choice when it comes to staffing their business. Currently, the region is the third fastest growing local government area in Australia and our population of more than 370,000 residents is expected to almost double by 2036, ensuring our growth will remain steady.

The region's lower cost of living also offers businesses the opportunity to secure a more cost effective workforce.



It’s not just economic opportunities that attract people and businesses to our region; the Casey Cardinia region provides a great balance between city and country living, with great convenience to the city, yet the peace and tranquility of the country. Such unique proximity makes the region very popular for new residents seeking the best of both worlds.


Broad growth across a range of sectors on the back of strong population growth typifies the Casey Cardinia region’s economic track record over the last 10 or so years; in 2016, the region's Gross Regional Product (GRP) totalled $10.5 billion, which represents 2.8% of Victoria’s Gross State Product (GSP).


The City of Casey has a formalised facilitated development program to prioritise developments which contribute significantly to the creation of local jobs either through business expansion or new investment into the region.