CFM Air Conditioning.

CFM Air Conditioning: committed to ensuring superior air quality for customers

Founded in 1997, CFM Air Conditioning specialises in HVAC Air Conditioning services, installation, and maintenance. They hold an unwavering commitment to industry excellence, as evidenced by the well-defined and measurable goals that they set for themselves periodically.

The business maintains competitive performance standards by continuously benchmarking against industry peers. Their cloud-based job management system, SimPRO, facilitates precise project completion times and service quality evaluation. Customer feedback is a cornerstone, gauged through awards, surveys, and digital dashboards, driving consistent improvement.

Over the past year, the business met economic challenges with strategic resilience. Diverse and loyal clients bolstered CFM's stability during fluctuations. Focusing on maintenance contracts and flexible solutions aided both clients and operations to tide over the challenging?times. The business worked in consultation with industry experts to streamline processes, easing employee workload. Through financial analysis and planning they ensured prudent fiscal management.

CFM considers inclusivity and accessibility as the company's core values,and fosters an inclusive workforce, offering entry-level opportunities and ensuring a welcoming environment for all. They encourage engagement through various channels for the convenience of the client.

Supporting the local economy is a priority for CFM. The business sources from Casey suppliers and promotes community collaboration. They collaborate with the Hallam Business Group, advocating local businesses and networking opportunities. A robust "hire locally" policy underscores their dedication to fostering local talent and contributing to the City of Casey's economic growth.

CFM Air Conditioning's holistic approach marries service excellence, community integration, and sensible business practices, making them a dynamic force in the HVAC industry.

CFM Air Conditioning is a 2023 Casey Business Awards finalist in the Professional Business Services category.