Hey Dee Ho Music Casey

Hey Dee Ho Music Casey: engaging arts for all ages

Hey Dee Ho Music Casey operates within the creative and performing arts sector, offering music, yoga, fitness, and drama incursions to childcare and community centers across the City of Casey. Since 2020, their mission has been to provide inclusive, educational, and enjoyable arts programs that cater to diverse age groups and abilities. Their services span early childhood centers, aged care facilities, community hubs, and local events.

The company's commitment to excellence is evident in their continuous program evaluation, ensuring alignment with national quality frameworks. They actively seek and integrate feedback from clients, nurturing strong relationships with childcare center owners, operators, and families. Through their mobile business model, they customise sessions based on client needs, offering inclusive experiences without requiring physical modifications.

The heart of their business lies in their presenters, who bring vibrant music and arts classes to life. With a focus on local talent, Hey Dee Ho Music Casey supports local businesses and Indigenous artists. Their dedicated team embodies diversity and inclusivity, promoting meaningful connections with children through music. They value local partnerships, collaborating with childcare centers and community venues for events.

The commitment of this business to accessible, high-quality arts experiences is embodied in every session, contributing positively to the enrichment of the Casey community.

Hey Dee Ho Music Casey is a 2023 Casey Business Awards finalist in the Professional Business Services category.