Vision to Version Toolkit

Welcome to the Innovation Crowd's 'Vision to Version' online toolkit. Each of the below topics will prepare you for your journey ahead, and all courses contain worksheets that can be shared with your mentors to assist in accessing the resources required for growth.

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“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”. Your start-up journey begins here, with the groundwork to lay the right foundations.

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Validating your concept

“Is it a real problem? Is it the right solution?” The best people to tell you this are your customers, and we need to check-in with them before proceeding.

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Customer Development

“Your idea isn’t a business without customers”, so let’s spend a little time getting to know them better.

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Branding and Design

“Every good brand has been built on values”. Here we begin to build a brand that will resonate within your target market.

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“Not all business models are equal; ”. Which one will work best for you?

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Marketing Strategy

More than just a Facebook ad, your marketing strategy should be comprehensive and reach all of your potential customers.

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Product Development

“Build, Measure, Learn”

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Startup Legal

Make sure that your Ts are crossed and your Is are dotted to prevent legal issues later down the track.

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Hiring and Onboarding

Having the right employees is crucial for the success of your business. Build a tribe and culture for growth.

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Hustler Preparation

“Before you become an overnight success, you have to become an everyday hustler”.

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Will your business’ formula scale successfully? Explore methods to execute successfully.

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